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Unless otherwise stated, all local MemberCard benefits are 2-for-1 for a single use only. For dining benefits, order two or more entrees and the least expensive is deducted from your check (some restrictions may apply so check the specific listing for details).

Simply present your MemberCard when paying your check and the business will mark out its number. For non-dining benefits, notify the business upon making your reservation that you will be using your MemberCard.
Tuned To Yesterday ›
#549 - Horror: Suspense "The House In Cypress Canyon" 12/5/46 CBS, Inner Sanctum "Murder Mansion" 3/27/50 CBS. Tuned To Yesterday features programs from radio's golden era. Drama, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi and more. Produced by Mark Lavonier.
Wed, 07 Dec 2016 15:00:00 +0000
New York AG recommends fix to restrictive voting laws ›
The New York attorney general has proposed a package of bills aimed at improving to what he said are “arcane” and “ridiculous” voting laws that bar many potential New York voters from casting ballots. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman began a statewide inquiry after his office received a record number of complaints about lack of voter access during the April presidential primary. “In New York, we have what amounts to legal voter suppression,” Schneiderman said Tuesday at a news conference in Albany. He said the “profound and widespread” issues include disappearing polling places and poorly trained poll workers who turned away voters seeking affidavit ballots. Many polls that were open saw long lines and reduced hours. And he said laws that have resulted in New York’s third-worst voter participation in the nation and fifth-worst voter registration numbers need to be changed. Schneiderman’s recommendations include getting rid of a six-month waiting period to change party enrollment
Wed, 07 Dec 2016 09:57:00 +0000
Teaching restaurant brings world cuisines to Syracuse ›
There’s a new restaurant opening up in Syracuse -- but it’s a little different. It’s a teaching restaurant for Onondaga Community College, which will alternate world or regional cuisines every six months. First up -- Pakistani food. Sarah Robin, an immigrant from Pakistan who now lives in Syracuse, is the restaurateur in residence who will be running the North Salina Street restaurant called “With Love” for the next six months. "There’s not any Pakistani restaurant so introducing the first Pakistani restaurant and it’s a great opportunity for me,” said Robin. “I just know how to cook. I don’t know other things. So the management, the business and these other things really matter.” So taking part in this hands-on food management program at Onondaga Community College will teach her the ins and outs of dealing with vendors and managing people, among other things. Mike Metzgar, associate vice president of economic and workforce development at OCC, says this is a new educational model for
Wed, 07 Dec 2016 09:41:00 +0000
Central New York drone corridor will help develop unmanned aircrafts ›
A 50-mile drone corridor from Rome to Syracuse will be the center of the burgeoning unmanned aircraft systems industry in central New York.
Wed, 07 Dec 2016 09:33:00 +0000
Alt 50s Christmas ›
Christmas in the 1950s was the stomping ground for Rudolph and Frosty, but underneath the marshmallow world of perfect conformity was another take on holiday cheer that involved rock 'n' roll, space travel, my baby left me blues and good old Cold War paranoia. It's Alt 50s Christmas -- edgier than Perry Como, more corrupt than a rigged quiz show -- something to sing while you dig your fallout shelter. Join us for this special on Sunday, December 11 at 7 p.m. Can't catch it live on WRVO? You can listen online.
Tue, 06 Dec 2016 16:29:00 +0000


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