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Jackson Solar Project Moving Forward ›
Jackson's town council made way for more solar investment last week, allowing customers to buy into the soon-to-built solar farm. The shared solar system would be based out of a farm at Jackson’s wastewater treatment plant. The solar farm, itself, was approved by the town council this past August. The idea is for new customers to buy solar power from a farm, rather than buying panels themselves. Johnny Ziem, Jackson’s wastewater plant superintendent, co-developed the idea for a shared solar farm. He said the next step is to solidify new customers. “We have to figure out who wants to be involved and how much money they’re bringing to the table. And then once we do that, then we’ll have a number,” Ziem said. “We’ll know how much money we have and then we go out and see how big of a system we can build." He said, initially, he’s only looking for a handful of people so the project isn’t too complicated to get off the ground — in a few years, they can look at expansion. Ziem explained the
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 20:25:30 +0000
Coloring Book Journeys Through Prehistoric Time ›
Writing has only been around about 5,000 years, so it’s the work of archaeologists to figure out the stories of early humans before there was a written record. Laramie-based archaeologist Rich Adams has just published the World Prehistory Coloring Book, relaying those 3.5 million years. After working in Wyoming for 24 years he started teaching university courses, and he said he found students would get overwhelmed and intimidated because there’s just so much to learn. Adams credits his wife -- an art therapist -- with encouraging him to incorporate art into his class. “The World Prehistory Coloring Book was created because I needed attendance exercises in my classes,” Adams said. “I also discovered that having college students color during class dropped the stress level markedly.” The simple handouts he asked his students to color and turn in helped them stay engaged with the material according to Adams. He said the positive response he got from students inspired him to create
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 20:15:29 +0000
Rural Bankers Worried About Farm And Ranch Foreclosures In 2018 ›
A survey of rural bankers in ten Great Plains states says their biggest worry in the coming year is farm and ranch foreclosures. Creighton University economist Ernie Goss said the problem is that beef and other agriculture commodity prices continue to be so low and that could lead to a fairly sharp upturn in foreclosures in 2018. Goss said Wyoming has a double whammy since energy prices continue to be sluggish, too. He said that in turn would hurt rural banks. “It would really hammer their position and hurt the overall community, of course,” said Goss. These communities depend on agriculture, even the communities like Cheyenne and Casper where you've got a lot of spending that does come from the rural areas.” The Creighton University Rural Main Street Index surveys 200 non-urban banks monthly in ten states including Illinois, Iowa, the Dakotas, Colorado, Wyoming and others, providing an up-to-date analysis of how rural middle America is doing economically. It shows that, in those
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 20:13:38 +0000
In Florida, Felons Want Voting Rights Back As Soon As They Complete Their Sentences ›
On most days from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mary Grimes can be found pacing along a crowded street in Orlando, Fla., with clipboards in both hands. "Can I have five minutes of your time?" the 58-year-old says to a parade of passers-by. Those who are in a rush, she quickly wishes well; the others, Grimes directs to a blue and yellow form, reciting her spiel and soliciting a signature from each. For several months, she has made her living this way. She transforms public parking lots, city parks and sidewalks into a home office from which she urges registered voters to endorse proposed constitutional amendments. But for her, this is more than a way to pay rent. "This is what I'm really praying for," she says pointing to a stack of yellow petitions inside her bag one afternoon outside Orlando's downtown public library. Thousands of petitions like these are circulating across Florida in an unprecedented grass-roots campaign to restore voting rights to the state's more than 1.6 million felons who
Sat, 21 Oct 2017 13:00:00 +0000
Spain Moves To Crush Catalonia's Autonomy Bid ›
Copyright 2017 NPR. To see more, visit SCOTT SIMON, HOST: Spain's prime minister says he'll fire the government officials of Catalonia and hold new elections there within six months. Spain's Senate will have to approve that plan next week. Catalonia, with its capital in Barcelona, held a referendum earlier this month that was banned by the government in Madrid. Catalans voted to break away from Spain and came close to declaring unilateral independence. The Spanish government says it's lost patience. Lauren Frayer reports from Madrid. LAUREN FRAYER, BYLINE: For several weeks, Spanish and Catalan officials have talked past each other - issuing ultimatums and then ignoring them - as people rally outside in Barcelona's streets, scaring tourists away. Now the Spanish government has essentially said, enough. (SOUNDBITE OF ARCHIVED RECORDING) SPAIN MARIANO RAJOY: (Speaking Spanish). FRAYER: "The government is taking measures to restore legality and normality in Catalonia," Spanish Prime
Sat, 21 Oct 2017 12:48:00 +0000


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