Merchant Terms of Participation & Marketing

  1. Broadcast and/or Promotion: The MemberCard program and its unique offers will be highlighted during pledge drives and various times throughout the year. If participating in Benefit of the Month Program, additional promotion may be provided.

  2. Print: Your business listing will be printed in the Directory of Membership Benefits used by members and prospective members throughout the year. Members also receive frequent mailings that include MemberCard promotion and listings.

  3. Internet & Mobile App: Placement on organization’s webpage at with a link to your site and placement on the MemberCard Mobile App with touch redemption and mobile phone alert. 

  4. Regional Promotion: In addition to local promotion, the MemberCard and the participating establishments may also be promoted by public broadcasting stations or other non-profit organizations in the area. You may occasionally see a MemberCard from one of these other stations or nonprofit organizations and if you do, accepting it is exactly the same as accepting this organization’s MemberCard.
Terms of Participation
  1. No Fees: There are no fees for participation. Your agreement is to provide MemberCard holders with a one-time, 2-for-1 or unique savings as described and agreed to in the offer.

  2. Holidays and Specials Excluded: The MemberCard is not valid on major holidays or in conjunction with other specials.

  3. Schedule and Notification: Each Spring, you will receive a participation renewal letter by email and/or regular mail with instructions for updating your listing.  If no changes are indicated, your offer will be renewed as is. You may cancel at this (or any other) time with 30-day's notice.  Please be sure to update us on mailing or contact email address changes. 

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